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Ministry Leadership Development

In a Meeting
In a Meeting

Leadership Development

Ministry in the modern era requires more than Biblical acumen and theological understanding.  For the post-pandemic church, it requires new strategies and new ways to communicate the timeless Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Are your leaders prepared for the 4 sets of Post-Pandemic churchgoers?

  • Now-Members: Those who are ready to come back to church regardless of pandemic concerns

  • Not Yet-Members: Those who have pre-existing conditions or concerns that keep them from gathering in-person but plan to come back.

  • New Normal Members: Those who have embraced virtual ministry and prefer to interact with their church (or multiple churches) through digital means.

  • Not Close Enough Member: Those who love your ministry and have decided that they are 100% on-board but they live in another city or state and the drive is too far to attend in-person. 

Ministry leaders need to be prepared to reach and support all types of members.  Sign up to have a Ministry Leadership Training to strengthen your leaders and develop strategies for your ministry.

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