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Popular Pastors Need Prayer Partners, Not Christian Enemies

Every now and then, I see posts, tweets, or videos of Pastors and Ministers who are vehemently against a number of popular Pastors. Not for theological differences but, quite literally, for the perceived success of having large followings and a high-level of influence. I grow concerned about this trend as many of these popular preachers may not be as horrible as advertised. I would advocate that, if anything, popular Pastors need prayer partners and not Christian enemies.

I find it ironic when we say in one breath that we need to spread the Gospel and influence the culture then, in another breath, show anger towards those ministries that have grown through evangelism and outreach. In reality, popular Pastors didn't "cheat" some unseen system to gain their followings.

Not all Pastors with large followings are "forsaking" the Word for money and fame (and I’m not saying some didn’t). It could be that, and stay with me here . . . people just like their preaching/teaching. Some are loud, some are quiet, some are teachers, and some are prophetic. There is not an official formula to pastoral popularity.

Sometimes it just happens to through evangelistic dedication. Sometimes it happens because something seen on social media went viral. Sometimes it’s the tangible outreach and giving that is done through their ministries. And sometimes God truly anointed them, blessed them, and expanded their reach - You know, what you’re praying happens with your church.

So, let’s be honest. If you want your church to grow start with talking with the One who can make it happen by asking for it in prayer (Please leave the false humility somewhere else. I don't know a single Pastor that actually doesn't want their church to grow. I've heard preachers say "It's okay" that there's only 5 people showing up after 10 years but I know that sentiment wasn't true. I'm honest and saying that's not okay and if we're not growing at a decent rate, I might be wasting my time. Be honest.). Next, employ the strategies you’ve seen in growing ministries like good infrastructures, excellent children’s ministries, etc. Last, just be nice to people. I know we have scriptures that could send half of the country to Hell. But, perhaps, that old-school saying from Grandma “you get more flies with honey than with vinegar” can work in ministry too.

Many of the popular Pastors and churches I’ve heard receiving hatred by other Pastors, ironically, started with very humble beginnings like meeting at homes with a few people and some faith. I just heard the testimony of a megachurch Pastor say that he only had 5 people show up for his Easter Sunday service during his first few years. Be careful of the seeds you're sowing with your mouths and your posts. What if the Lord chooses you to be the next explosive ministry? Perhaps those same lies, assumptions, and assertions won’t feel so good if they had your name attached to them.

Please pray for those who have great influence. The pressure to be perfect and never make mistakes in ministry, life, marriage, and family is greater than you can imagine.


A Not-So-Famous Pastor caring for all Pastors JG Pitts

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