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JG Pitts

Pastor, Entrepreneur, Author, Creator, Coach, Motivator, and Innovator are words to describe JG Pitts and the body of work he provides to inspire a growing group of leaders seeking to gain strategic momentum in their lives and organizations. 


Combining over 15 years of ministry experience with 22 years of technology work that includes roles with a Fortune 500 company, Pitts brings to the table a unique viewpoint and approach to endeavors, projects, and operations. 


Specializing in leadership development and technical strategies in the workplace and church world, JG Pitts works diligently to fulfill his brand’s mantra: “Guiding you from CONCEPT to CREATION - Let’s build your Vision!” He seeks to lead his clients and companies to understand that a vision, no matter how big, can be conceptualized, concretized, and realized with the right combination of team members, work ethic, and internal drive.


His ultimate goal is to add value to everyone he meets.  The programs, coaching sessions, and speaking opportunities come together for that one key purpose: To make people realize their value, feel their value, and embrace their value.  As a result, they will turn around and add value to others.  


Certifications, Roles, and Recognitions:

  • Founder and Senior Pastor - Regeneration Church

  • Founder and Co-Owner - Greater Works Enterprises

  • Bachelors & Masters Degrees - Computer Science

  • Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Coach, and Speaker

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt (SSMBB) Certification

  • Featured on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with his wife Kena Pitts

  • Author of a growing library of titles

    • Ministering To Millennials: The Challenges of Reaching Generation “Why”

    • 21st Century Sonship: Restoring the Art of Apprenticeship

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